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Atmospheric Radiation Measurement North Slope of Alaska Surface Measurement System
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Surface In-Situ Networks
The ARM Surface Meteorology Networks consists mainly of conventional in situ sensors that obtain a defined “core” set of measurements. The core set of measurements is: Barometric Pressure (kPa), Temperature (˚C), Relative Humidity (%), Arithmetic Averaged Wind Speed (m/s), Vector Averaged Wind Speed (m/s), Vector Averaged Wind Direction (deg). The sensors that collect the core variables are mounted at the standard heights defined for each variable: Winds: 10 meters, Temperature and Relative Humidity: 2 meters, Barometric Pressure: 1 meter. Depending upon the geographical location different models and types of sensors may be used to measure the core variables due to the conditions experienced at those locations. Most sites have additional sensors that measure other variables that are unique to that site or are well suited for the climate of the location but not at others. The NSA sites collect additional information from a Vaisala FD12P Pesent Weather Detector and a TSL Model 1088 Chilled Mirror Hygrometer. Additionally, the North Slope of Alaska surface meteorology systems are collected from towers. The tower at Barrow has 4 levels and the tower at Atqasuk has 2 levels. Two additional data streams are created using the sensors on the different levels of the towers. The datastreams are arrays with the first value for each variable being the lowest level. The Barrow Site has Temp, RH, Wind Speed and Direction data for 2m, 10m, 20m and 40m. The Atqasuk site has Temp and RH data for 2m and 5m.
Michael Ritsche
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 S. Cass Ave Bldg 203 Argonne, Il 60439
Network NameSurface and Tower Meteorological Instrumentation at the North Slope of Alaska
Facility Typesurface meteorology
LocationBarrow, Alaska and Atqasuk, Alaska
Number of Stations2
Map of Stationshttp://www.arm.gov/sites/nsa.stm
CategorySurface Meteorology
Parameters (Most)Temperature, humidity, dew point, saturation vapor pressure, vapor pressure, wind speed and direction, precipitation, visibility, atmospheric pressure
Paramters (Limited)N/A
ArchiveRegistration required: http://www.archive.arm.gov/
Period of RecordBarrow: 1998; Atqasuk: 2000
Temporal Resolution1 minute
Data Seasonhourly.
Data Availabilitywithin a day.
Other PurposesClimate Monitoring
ARM netCDF file header descriptions may be found for each of the systems can be found by following the links below: http://science.arm.gov/tool/dod/showdod.php?Inst=NSAMET http://science.arm.gov/tool/dod/showdod.php?Inst=NSATWR
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