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DOE/ARM/PNNL/Battelle G-1
Scheduled 4-12 months in advance.
contact: beat.schmid@pnnl.gov
Airborne Platforms
Gulfstream 159, pressurized turboprop. Typical research payload (instruments + crew) 4000lb; typical duration four hours.
Dr. Beat Schmid
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999, Richland, WA 99352
Aircraft TypeG-159
Payloadtypical payload, 4000lb; max with full fuel, 3077lb. Cabin floor space, 165 square feet.
Range1500 nm
Ceiling20,000 ft.
Endurance6 hours
Airspeed Range160 - 290 kt
Runway Requirements5000 ft.
Max Takeoff Weight36,000 lb
Max Fuel Weight10,462 lb
Flight Crew2
Number of Seats4+1
Airworthiness Certificatedual
Typical Usesaerosol studies, cloud studies, atmospheric chemistry
Data SystemSEA m300
Special Field Support Needs
Research Power600A@28VDC, including 12kVA available as 120VAC
Cabin Environmentpressurized, with supplemental refrigeration
Rack Space AvailableSingle-bay and double-bay racks for 19-inch components; custom racks (24
Available Inletsisokinetic aerosol inlet; CVI cloud particle inlet; various gas-phase inlets
Available AperturesZenith, nadir, and window-plate mounts for radiometers; top-hatch mount for 4STAR radiometer; window-plate mounts for PRT-5 radiometers
Available Hard Pointsstruts on nose for two PMS canister mounts; under-wing pylons for six PMS and other canister or instrument mounts
External PodsPMS canisters, CPI, CSI, CIN
Standard InstrumentsPlatform position, velocity, attitude; static pressure; total temperature; gust-probe differential pressures; chilled mirror dew-point temperature; TDL water-vapor concentration (open path and dual-channel closed path)
Training Requirementsonsite
Communicationsirridium modem
Available Instrumentsnephelometer; PSAP ;CPC; uCPC; TDL water vapor; PVM-100; WCM-2000; AIMMS-20; CSI; 2D-S; HVPS; CPI; CAPS; UHSAS-A; PCASP (SPP-200); FSSP (SPP-100); CDP, Fast-CDP, Fast-FSSP; CCNc; CIN; vis/IR radiometry; PILS; SMPS; Picarro; trace gases (NO/NOx/NOy, CO, O3, SO2)
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