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PICARD is a space mission dedicated to the simultaneous measurement of the absolute total and spectral solar irradiance, the diameter and solar shape, and to the Sun's interior via helioseismology
Judit Pap
Spectral Range
Spectral Resolution
Spatial Coverage and Resolution
Temporal Resolution
Data Accuracy
Data Precision
Physical Observables
Derived Outputs
Concurrence Opportunities
Expected LifetimeLaunch in spring 2009. Minimum expected lifetime 2 yrs.
Location or OrbitEarth orbit between 700 and 750 km
Capability Summary
Archival Data
Number of Users
Planned Upgrades
Sub-InstrumentsSOVAP SOlar VAriability PICARD: a differential radiometer to measure the total solar irradiance (previously names solar constant), PREMOS PREcision MOnitor Sensor: a set of 3 photometers to study the ozone formation and destruction, and to perform helioseismologic observations, and a differential radiometer to measure the total solar irradiance. SODISM SOlar Diameter Imager and Surface Mapper: an imaging telescope accurately pointed and a CCD which allows to measure the solar diameter and shape with an accuracy of a few milliarc second, and to perfom helioseismologic observations to probe the solar interior.
Data Products
University FacilityNo
National Ground BasedNo
Virtual ArchiveNo
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