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MUSTANG Muon Telescope
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The MUon Spaceweather Telescope for Anisotropies at Greifswald (Mustang) consists of 32 muon detectors arranged in two (top and bottom) layers. Each detector consists of a scintillator plate of size 50 cm x 50 cm x 5 cm that is optically coupled via wavelength-shifting optical fibres to a photomultiplier tube. Muons traversing the scintillator plates produce intense flashes of light that are converted into electrical signals by the photomultipliers and recorded with an intelligent electronics that determines the direction of the incident muon from the passage of a single muon through one upper and one lower scintillator tile. The measured muon rates after corrections for daily and pressure modulations are compared to daily averages. Deviations occur if a plasma cloud is moving between Sun and Earth yielding a change (increase or decrease) of the muon anisotropy.
Rainer Hippler
Universität Greifswald
Institut für Physik Universität Greifswald Felix-Hausdorff-Str. 6 17489 Greifswald Germany
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