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NSF/NCAR C-130 Hercules
Scheduled 6-18 months in advance. NSF funded science has first priority. Open to government agencies and university scientists.
See special NCAR/EOL web site for request forms and instructions: http://syrah.atd.ucar.edu:8080/eol
Airborne Platforms
Four-engine turboprop airplane, Lockheed model C-130-Q (a.k.a C130).
Dr Jeffery Stith - Facility Manager
Research Aviation Facility / NCAR
10802 Airport Ct Broomfield, CO 80021
Aircraft TypeLockheed C-130Q Hercules
Payload13,000 plus crew
Range3,100 @ 20,000 ft
Endurance10 hours
Capabilitylarge port and wing pods for remote scanners. Doors can be opened in flight for payload deployment.
Airspeed Range180 - 220 research; 290 transit ferry
Runway Requirements6,300 ft @ sea level 8,500 ft @ 5,000 ft elevation
Max Takeoff Weight155,000
Max Fuel Weight62,000
Flight Crew2 pilots & 1 flight engineer
Number of Seats15 minus EOL system operators
Airworthiness Certificatenone - Public aircraft
Typical UsesResearch
Data SystemIn-house developed NIDAS, Linux based software. Analog acquisition @ 500 Hz; serial and digital recording @ 50 Hz. Time synchronized to GPS.
Special Field Support NeedsGround support equipment supplied and shipped as needed to research site from home facility
Research Power40 kVA @ 115 Vac 400 Hz 28 kVA @ 115 Vac 60 Hz 400 A @ 28 Vdc
Cabin Environmentstd pressurized but can function un-presurrized for payload deployment
Rack Space AvailableUp to 10 double wide 19 inch racks. 53 vertical inches per side. Total depends on required number of system operators
Available InletsLow Turbulence Aerosol Inlet (LTI) Solid Diffuser Inlet (SDI) variable tips Non-reactive gas sampling tubes
Available Apertures6 forward cabin on side fuselage 8-10 aft cabin on belly
Available Hard PointsNumerous in cabin. Various belly and fuselage top locations suitable for radiative flux measurements
External Pods2 external 20
Standard InstrumentsSee link to C-130 Investigators Handbook found at: www.eol.ucar.edu/raf/
Training Requirementsgeneral good health; OPS safety briefing
CommunicationsIrridium & INMARSAT satellite links - voice & data HF radios
Available InstrumentsSee link to C-130 Investigators Handbook found at: www.eol.ucar.edu/raf/
Other SystemsAccess to University of Wyoming Cloud radar & cloud lidar systems Dropsondes AXBT Oceanographic Probe deployment chute
User SupportEquipment integration assistance. In-house sheet metal shop with design & fabrication services
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