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Instrument shall be refurbished for a future flight in 2011/2012
Solar Instruments
1m solar telescope on board a balloon for high spatial resolution magnetic observations
Spectral RangeSUFI instrument: 214 nm, 300 nm, 313 nm, 388 nm, 397 nm, IMaX instrument: 525 nm
Spectral Resolution214 nm: 10 nm, 300 nm: 5 nm, 313 nm: 1 nm, 388 nm: 0.8 nm, 397 nm: 0.18 nm, 525 nm: 0.006 nm
Spatial Coverage and ResolutionSUFI: 14x34 arcsec, IMaX: 50x50arcsec
Temporal ResolutionSUFI: approx. 1,5 sec cadence, IMaX: approx 34 sec cadence for full Stokes vector
Data Accuracy
Data Precision
Physical ObservablesMagnetic field vector, temperature and velocity
Derived OutputsTime series of magnetograms, velocity maps, brightness maps
Concurrence Opportunities
Expected Lifetime
Location or OrbitCircumpolar flight from June 8 to June 13, 2009 from ESRANGE/Northern Sweden to Somerset Island/Northern Canada
Capability Summary
Archival Data
Number of Users
Planned Upgrades
Sub-InstrumentsSUFI: SUNRISE Filter Imager, IMaX: SUNRISE Imaging Magnetograph
Data Products
University FacilityNo
National Ground BasedNo
Virtual ArchiveNo
Status, continued: PI institution: Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany
18 Nov 2009 09:35