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The In-situ Measurements of Particles and CME Transients (IMPACT) experiment on STEREO consists of a suite of seven instruments that will sample the 3-D distribution of solar wind plasma electrons, the characteristics of the solar energetic particle ions and electrons, and the local vector magnetic field. The seven instruments are the Solar Wind Electron Analyzer (SWEA), Suprathermal Electron Telescope (STE), MAG (Magnetometer), Solar Electron Proton Telescope (SEPT), Suprathermal Ion Telescope (SIT), Low Energy Telescope (LET), and High Energy Telescope (HET). Identical IMPACT suites are manifested on each of the STEREO spacecraft.
Janet Luhmann
UC Berkeley
Spectral Range
Spectral Resolution
Spatial Coverage and Resolution
Temporal Resolution
Data Accuracy
Data Precision
Physical Observables
Derived Outputs
Concurrence Opportunities
Expected Lifetime5 years
Location or OrbitHeliocentric Orbit at 1 AU
Capability Summary
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Planned Upgrades
Sub-InstrumentsSWEA measures the core (bulk solar wind) and halo (strahl) electron fluxes with a 360 X 60 degree or better field of view at energies 20 to 1000eV, with angular resolution of at least 45 X 45 degrees and 1-minute sampling STE measures the suprathermal halo/super-halo electron fluxes over electron energies 5 to 100 keV, spanning the gap between SWEA and SEP electron measurements, along the nominal interplanetary field direction with at least 1 minute time resolution from two vantage points. Measurements include fluxes, energy spectra, and direction of arrival. MAG measures the three components of the vector magnetic field in the range +/- 512 nT with 0.1 nT accuracy at 1/8 second time resolution SEPT SIT LET HET
Data Products
University FacilityNo
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Virtual ArchiveNo
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