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MODIS/ASTER Airborne Simulator (MASTER)
Generally available for use by NASA-funded investigators or other government and university research projects.
Use is requested via the NASA Suborbital Science Program on-line Flight Request form at: http://suborbital.nasa.gov/
Airborne Measurements
NASA Airborne multi-spectral line-scanner, with 50 spectral bands spaced between 0.46 and 12.9 microns (visible through thermal infrared).
Simon Hook
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 183-501 4800 Oak Grove Drive Pasadena, CA 91109
(818) 354-0974
ManufacturerJoint NASA, Daedalus Enterprises, BCE
Dimensions24"L X 16"W X 20"H (scanhead) plus approx. 30" of standard 19" rack space.
Weight356 lbs.
Power Source Type28V DC
Inlet AperturesCross-track viewing aperature, 7"L X 24"W.
Heating/Cooling Requirementsnone
Airspeed/Altitude RequirementsVariable: 80 - 410 knots / 2,500 - 65,000 feet (plaform dependent)
Operators RequiredAutononmous operation
Ground RequirementsGround support computers and radiometric calibration fixture.
Suitable PlatformsNASA ER-2, WB-57, and DC-8; DOE King Air B-200; Sky Research Cessna Caravan.
Data System50 channel, 16-bit A/D converter with up to 5X oversampling (altitude dependent). Records to twin 18 Gb disks (mirror mode.) Ingests real-time aircraft navigation data (ER-2 INU); additionally uses embedded Applanix POS-AV Navigation System for the highest degree of accuracy (all platforms except ER-2).
Measured ParameterAt-Sensor Radiance (0.46 - 12.9 micron range)
Measurement Technique4 grating spectrometers with detector arrays
Operational ModeScans continually
Time ResolutionScans at 6.25, 12.5, or 25 lines per second (adjustable)
Horizontal Resolution2 - 50 meter pixels (2,500 to 65,000 feet altitude)
Other Resolution2.5 mrad IFOV, 86 deg. FOV
Precision16-bit digitization
AccuracySee reference paper on web site.
Range0.46 - 12.9 microns (50 bands)
Calibration MethodPre-flight integrating sphere; in flight IR BBs
Limitations7 hour LN2 dewar hold-times
Hook, et al., The MODIS/ASTER Airborne Simulator (MASTER) - a new instrument for earth science studies. Remote Sensing of Environment, vol. 76, Issue 1, 2001
Flies on the NASA ER2, and DC-8; also flies on a contract King Air B-200 and a Cessna Caravan. May be requested as an additional instrument on many ER-2 and WB-57 missions (pending available payload space).
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