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Adaptive Radar Network
Research Prototype
This emerging technology is under development within the CASA Engineering Research Center. A four-radar network is currently operational in southwest Oklahoma.
This procedure is not formalized at this time. Interested users should contact members of the CASA center.
Emerging Technologies
Dense networks of short-range radars capable of coordinated and optimized beam-steering. Comprised of physically small, low-power antennas, these networks defeat the earth curvature blockage that limits today's long-range radar networks and enable high resolution atmospheric observations that extend from the lower-troposphere up to the tops of storms. Software architecture configures system resources via utility functions that specify dynamic, optimal allocation of resources in response to the needs of multiple end-users and associated information retrieval algorithms.
David J McLaughlin
University of Massachusetts at Amherst
CASA Engineering Research Center 209 Knowles Engineering Building UMass Amherst Amherst, MA 01003
Developersame as respondent
Development SectorConsortium
R&D ProgramYes
Years Till Available3-5
Investment Required$1-10M
Projected Applicationhazardous weather detection, forecasting, warning
Unit Cost$10k-$100k
Key Risksdevelopment of low-cost (tens of k$) measurement quality radars; approaches to compensate for attenuation at X-band wavelengths
Ease of Useunattended
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