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Oklahoma Atmosperhic Surface-layer Instrumentation System
Skin Temperature, 9 M Air Temperature, 2 M Wind Speed, And Net Radiation Data Are Currently Collected At A Majority Of Oklahoma Mesonet Sites. All Other Measurements Were Decommissioned At Various Periods.
Archived data available by request.
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Surface In-Situ Networks
In 1999, 89 Oklahoma Mesonet sites, designated Oklahoma Atmospheric Surface-layer Instrumentation System (OASIS) sites, were instrumented to measure the components of the surface energy balance. The ”standard” OASIS sites observed net radiation using the Kipp and Zonen NR-Lite, sensible heat fluxes via a profile technique using M-O similarity theory and ground heat fluxes through a combination approach. Latent heat fluxes were estimated as the residual of the surface energy budget equation. In addition to components of the surface energy balance, the standard OASIS sites measured surface skin temperature using an infrared thermocouple temperature sensor manufactured by Apogee Instruments. A subset of the 89 standard OASIS sites were also outfitted with instrumentation capable of measuring the components of the surface energy balance with enhanced accuracy. These 10 sites were known as the OASIS Super Sites. In addition to the standard OASIS measurements, the OASIS Super Sites measured net radiation at 1.5 m using a Kipp and Zonen 4-component CNR1 radiometer, as well as sensible and latent heat fluxes using the eddy correlation (EC) technique at 4.5 m. The CNR1 provided explicit measurements of donwelling and upwelling shortwave and longwave radiation. The sensible heat flux measurements were collected using a Campbell Scientific (CSI) CSAT3 sonic anemometer, while latent heat fluxes were computed from simultaneous observations from the CSAT3 and a CSI KH20 Krypton hygrometer.
Dr. Jeffrey Basara
Oklahoma Climatological Survey
120 David L. Boren Blvd. Suite 2900 Norman, OK 73072
Network NameOK OASIS
Facility TypeNetwork
Number of Stations10 super sites; 80 regular sites
Map of StationsN/A
CategoryFlux, Radiation, Meteorology
Parameters (Most)All variables of standard Oklahoma Mesonet sites, surface skin temperature, and total net radiation.
Paramters (Limited)Sensible heat flux, latent heat flux, ground heat flux, downwelling longwave radiation, upwelling longwave radiation, upwelling solar radiation.
ArchiveFull, archived data sets are available
Period of Record1998-present for skin temperature, air temperature at 9 m, wind speed at 2 m, total net radiation. 1998-2007 for the EC measurements.
Temporal Resolution5-15 minutes
Data SeasonEvery 5 minutes
Data AvailabilityEvery 5 minutes
Other PurposesN/A
Basara, J.B., and K.C. Crawford, 2002: Linear relationships between root-zone soil moisture and atmospheric processes in the planetary boundary layer. J. Geophys. Res., 107, (ACL 10) 1-18. Fiebrich, C. A., J E. Martinez, J. A. Brotzge, and J. B. Basara, 2003: The Oklahoma Mesonet’s skin temperature network. J. Atmos. Oceanic Tech., 29, 1496-1504.
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