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Mission Completed, Data Center Active
A complete description (parameters, format, projection) of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 POLDER data is available in the web page http://parasol-polder.cnes.fr/en/index.htm Document title version Date Encoding File Size (byte) Polder Level 1 Product : Data Format and User Manual Is.3-V.0 October 30th, 2003 zip PDF format level-1_PDF.zip 309770 PDF format level-1.pdf 704908 Polder Level 2 Products : Data Format and User Manual Is.2-V.5 January 20th, 2006 zip PDF format level-2_PDF.zip 237198 PDF format level-2.pdf 264628 Polder Level 3 Products : Data Format and User Manual Is.3-V.4 March 30th, 2004 zip PDF format level-3_PDF.zip 205740 PDF format level-3.pdf 351212 Polder LAND SURFACES HDF Product : Data Format and User Manual Is.3-V.4 September 24th, 2004 zip PDF format LS_HDF_PDF.zip 103147 PDF format LS_HDF.pdf 113442 Polder OCEAN COLOR HDF Product : Data Format and User Manual Is.6-V.4 October 12th, 2004 zip PDF format OC_HDF_PDF.zip 105564 PDF format OC_HDF.pdf 115895 Polder ATMOSPHERE HDF Product : Data Format and User Manual Is.10-V.5 October 20th, 2005 zip PDF format ATM_HDF_PDF.zip 146896 PDF format ATM_HDF.pdf 159082 Description of Polder Standard Product Media Is.2-V.0 February 16th, 2004 zip PDF format media_PDF.zip 45121 PDF format media.pdf 61610 Parasol Level 1 Product : Data Format Is.0-V.1 April 5th, 2006 zip PDF format level-1_PDF.zip 2764694 PDF format level-1.pdf 3767635
Access to PARASOL-POLDER ERB, WV, Coulds, Ocean Color, Aerosol, Land surface and Level 1,2,3 HDF files is avaliable at the web site http://parasol-polder.cnes.fr/.
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POLarization and Directionality of the Earth's Reflectances. POLDER is a wide field of view imaging radiometer that has provided the first global, systematic measurements of spectral, directional and polarized characteristics of the solar radiation reflected by the Earth/atmosphere system. Its original observation capabilities have opened up new perspectives for discriminating the radiation scattered in the atmosphere from the radiation actually reflected by the surface.
Anne Lifermann
Measurment TypeVisible/IR-imager
Platform TypePOLDER
OrbitSun synchronous
Spectral CoverageVis
Scan PatternPush broom
Variablesaerosol polarimeter, clouds and aerosol properties, ocean color
Repeat Time
Wavelength443 to 910nm
Number of Bands9 bands
Start DateAug 1996
End DateJun 1997
Temporal CoveragePolder-2 12/2002 through 10/2003
Swath Width2400 km
Resolution 16x7km
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