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Research Prototype
As part of the IntelliDrive initiative, USDOT is making avaialable an IntelliDrive test bed in the Detroit, Michigan area. The test bed consists of approximately 50 roadside installations equipped with 5.9 GHz DSRC technology and 12 DSRC-equipped vehicles. The test bed and applications, and data associated with it are available to the research community. In the future, it is possible that USDOT will invest in other IntelliDrive test beds that will also be made available to the research community.
The contract for managing the IntelliDrive test bed is currently in a period of transition. One of the first tasks for the new contractor will be to establish a formal procedure for requesting access to the test bed. This new contract is expected to be awarded in Spring 2010.
Emerging Technologies
IntelliDriveSM is a multimodal initiative that aims to enable safe, interoperable networked wireless communications among vehicles, the infrastructure, and passengers' personal communications devices. IntelliDriveSM research is being sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and others to leverage the potentially transformative capabilities of wireless technology to make surface transportation safer, smarter and greener. USDOT research is supporting the development and testing of IntelliDriveSM technologies and applications, to determine their potential benefits and costs. If successfully deployed, IntelliDriveSM will ultimately enhance the safety, mobility and quality of life of all Americans, while helping to reduce the environmental impact of surface transportation. One part of the IntelliDriveSM research program is the translation of vehicle-based data into weather and road condition observations. The intent is to create a high resolution picture of current surface conditions which can then be used in a variety of weather and traffic models, as well as a range of weather-based decision support systems.
Benjamin McKeever, P.E.
USDOT, Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA)
1200 New Jersey Ave. SE Washington, DC 20590
Paul Pisano
Federal Highways Administration (FHWA)
1200 New Jersey Ave. SE Washington, DC 20590
Development SectorConsortium
R&D ProgramYes
Years Till Available3-5
Investment Required>$100M
Projected Applicationsensor data from vehicles translated into weather observations
Unit CostN/A
Key RisksRisks are mostly institutional and policy issues such as governance, funding, privacy concerns, data ownership/rights, liability and sustainability.
Ease of Usededicated team of operators
The most applicable technology category for IntelliDrive would be mobile sensing (using sensors on the vehicle to calculate weather observations).
27 Apr 2010 14:48