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USCGC HEALY (WAGB-20), the United States newest polar capable icebreaker, was commissioned as a U. S. Coast Guard cutter on August 21, 2000. The vessel was designed and built by Litton-Avondale Industries, Inc. and named After Captain Michael A. Healy of the U.S. Revenue Marine. HEALY’s primary mission is to function as a world class high latitude research platform with emphasis on Arctic science. The ship is capable of employment in icebreaking operations during any season in the Arctic and Antarctic. The ship’s systems have been designed with sufficient redundancy and robustness to meet national contingencies in the Polar Regions, including intentional wintering over. Other mission capabilities include escort for logistical re-supply of polar land facilities, search and rescue in Polar Regions, and marine environmental protection response. Planned deployments are expected to be multi-disciplinary, in support of a wide range of science and engineering projects including, but not limited to: marine geology; physical, chemical and biological oceanography; and meteorology. Science working spaces and labs were designed to facilitate the latest approaches and techniques for conducting state of the art oceanographic research.
Captain Frederick J. Sommer
U.S. Coast Guard
Ship TypeResearch Vessel
Operating Area
Endurance65 days between replenishment
Crusing Speed12.5 knots, Maximum 17 knots
Lab SpaceAfter science staging area- 300 ft², Starboard science staging area- 325 ft², Science wet lab 390- ft², Bio-chemical- 310 ft², Main science lab- 1,233 ft², Climate controlled chambers (2)- 206 ft² total. See http://www.icefloe.net/healy_labs.html f
Power Availability
Berthing Space35 scientist (2 per stateroom) or 50 scientist (3 per stateroom)
Deck Space3,500 ft²
Telemetry Available
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