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Behr Paima
Survey Vessel Behr Paima, designed and equipped suitably with modern equipment and sensors to conduct hydrographic surveys and oceanographic research. The ship has six deck winches and three laboratories with range of survey equipments/instruments. Hydrographic equipment includes variety of Differential GPS, Microwave Positioning systems, Top of the line Dual Frequency Echo Sounders, Multibeam and Side Scan Sonars, Radio Tide Gauges, Profilers, Current Meters, CTD and Hydrographic data acquisition and processing softwares. In addition, the ship has Oceanographic and Geophysical instruments to conduct oceanographic research. The ship has two Survey Boats equipped with DGPS and latest survey equipment to facilitate survey of shallow and inshore waters. Ship is also fitted with ECDIS for electronic navigation.
Pakistan Navy
Ship TypeSurvey Vessel
Operating Area
Endurance25 days
Crusing Speed12 knots (13.9 knots maximum)
Lab SpaceWet labs- 30 m², Dry lab- 75 m²
Power Availability2000 bhp each
Berthing Space12
Deck SpaceFree working deck area- 36 m²
Telemetry Available
29 Mar 2010 14:38