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Volunteer registration form can be found at http://www.alguita.com/volunteer_registration.html , Charter request form can be found at http://www.alguita.com/charter_request.html
Alguita is a 50 foot, 25 ton aluminum hulled sailing research catamaran. Her 25 foot beam givers her the work area and stability of a much longer monohull. Designed by the pioneering catarmaran workboat experts at Crowther Designs Australia, ORV Alguita is capable of deploying a wide array of marine oriented scientific instruments. With over a kilowatt of solar panels, and a proven cutter rigged sail plan, her range is virtually unlimited. The over 4 meter high A-frame, coupled with 600 meters of 8mm steel cable can service surface, midwater and bottom trawls, as well as benthic grabs and CTD rosettes. Inflatable tenders can also be deployed and retrieved off the stern. Each hull has reverse transom swim steps for ease of access to the water or to inflatables. On deck sampling equipment includes a Van Veen bottom sampling dredge, a pipe dredge, an otter trawl, a manta trawl, and several zooplankton sampling nets including a bongo trawl for sampling at great depths. We can also display fish and invertebrates in an on board aquarium. There is ample storage for specialized equipment. Diving gear is available and scuba tanks are filled on board with a 110 V compressor. Twenty people can easily enjoy a one day cruise. More can be accommodated on a case by case basis. Electronics include a depth sounder in each hull, as well as a Wesmar side scan sonar, 25 mile radar, mini M satellite receiver, differential GPS interfaced with a plotting program, a world-wide satellite telephone and SSB as well as VHF radio telephones.
Capt. Charles Moore/Bianca Frias
ORV Alguita, Inc.
345 Bay Shore Avenue Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 439-4545
Ship TypeOceanographic Research Vessel
Operating AreaNorthern and Central Pacific
Endurance120 days
Crusing Speed8 knots (20 knots maximum)
Lab SpaceWet labs- 5 m², Dry lab- 5 m²
Power Availability75 hp each
Berthing Space7
Deck SpaceFree working deck area- 53.5 m²
Telemetry Available
29 Mar 2010 14:38