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The R/V Argo is operated by the New York DEC Lake Erie Unit based at the Dunkirk Fisheries Station. Its primary function is to conduct annual assessments of Lake Erie's fish stocks to provide information necessary to manage the lake's resources. Most of the sampling programs are carried out in conjunction with the other fishery management agencies around Lake Erie. Vessel time is also available to other researchers with compatible interests. The Argo is a full displacement hull designed primarily for trawling, but capable of carrying out a wide variety of sampling tasks. The vessel is rigged for stern trawling with split winches and net drum, and features an enclosed shelterdeck where the fish processing can be carried out in relative comfort. The shelterdeck also houses a 12" Crossley gillnet lifter and secondary steering station. The area also provides a dry area for sounders and computers during hydroacoustic surveys.
William Culligan
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Lake Erie Fisheries Research Unit 178 Point Drive North, Dunkirk NY, 14048 USA
Ship TypeResearch Vessel
Operating AreaGreat Lakes
Crusing Speed8 knots
Lab Space
Power Availability250 hp
Berthing Space1
Deck Space
Telemetry Available
29 Mar 2010 14:38