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Schedules are available through a restricted site. Contact LCDR Keith Roberts at ChiefOps.MOA@noaa.gov, (757) 441-6842, or Chief, Operations Division, Marine Operations Center, Atlantic, 439 West York Street, Norfolk, VA 23510-1145
NOAA Ship Pisces was launched at VT Halter Marine, in Moss Point, Mississippi on December 19th, 2007, christened by Dr. Annette Nevin Shelby, wife of Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama. Commissioned on November 6, 2009, Pisces is the third of four new Fisheries Survey Vessels to be built by NOAA. The ship was named Pisces by a team of five seventh grade students from Sacred Heart School in Southaven, Mississippi. The team won a regional NOAA contest to name the ship by submitting a winning essay that supported their name selection. NOAA Ship Pisces supports NOAA’s mission to protect, restore, and manage the use of living marine, coastal, and ocean resources through ecosystem-based management. Her primary objective is to study, monitor, and collect data on a wide range of sea life and ocean conditions. The region includes important commercial and recreational fisheries, and is one of the world’s best known and most productive marine areas. The data collected by the ship is used by scientists who study variation in ocean conditions and sea life to better inform the nation’s decision makers about such issues as sustainable fisheries, ecosystem structure and function, fish habitats and habitat restoration, coral reefs, and protected species status. Pisces also observes weather, sea state, and other environmental conditions, conducts habitat assessments, and survey marine mammal and marine bird populations.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Ship TypeFishery Survey Vessel
Operating AreaU.S. waters from the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and South Atlantic to North Carolina
Endurance40 days (Food storage capacity, Fuel capacity)
Crusing Speed14.5 knots (16 knots maximum)
Lab SpaceFish/Wet- 602 ft², Chemistry- 290 ft², Dry- 150 ft², Hydrographic- 96 ft², Scientific freezer- 204 ft², Computer/Acoustic- 495 ft², Preservation alcove- 54 ft²
Power Availability3017 hp
Berthing Space15 maximum
Deck Space
Telemetry AvailableShip-to-ship and ship-to-shore voice, fax, and data links are available. 2 Nera Saturn INMARSAT B voice/data channels
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