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Dr. Eduardo L. Holmberg
The fisheries research vessel Dr. Eduardo L. Holmberg is the second ship built to INIDEP. It was built in the shipyard Hitachi Zosen Maizuru City, Japan in 1980. This is a boat designed specifically for fisheries and environmental research. His name was chosen in homage to the naturalist and physician Dr. Eduardo Ladislao Holmberg (1852 - 1937), who gained prominence as a university lecturer, writer and organizer of the Buenos Aires Zoo, and published numerous works on fauna and flora of Argentina. The National Institute for Fisheries Research and Development (INIDEP) acts as operator and owner of the vessel whose home port of Mar del Plata operations.
Instituto Nacional de Investigacion y Desarrollo Pesquero
Ship TypeOceanography Fishery Vessel
Operating Area
Endurance24 days
Crusing Speed12 knots (14 knots maximum)
Lab SpaceThree laboratories (oceanography, biology, aquarium) and a computer cabinet occupying a total of 56.33 m 2. All equipped with electric power 220V, 50 Hz and also a stabilizing circuit 220V 50Hz ± 1% in the computer cabinet. In laboratories providing hot
Power AvailabilityYanmar main engine of 680 PS 2100 rpm, three generators of 470 PS Yanmar 350 KVA each. Una hélice principal de cuatro palas de paso variable y una hélice transversal proel. A four-blade main propeller variable pitch propeller and a transverse bow thrust
Berthing Space13
Deck SpaceFree working deck area- 2 m²
Telemetry Available
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