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Capitan Oca Balda
The fisheries research vessel Captain Oca Balda is the third ship joined the INIDEP. It was built in 1983 at the Shipyard Jansen of the city of Leer, Germany. This is a boat designed specifically for fisheries and environmental research. His name was chosen in honor of Capt. Jose A. Oca Balda (1887-1939). This officer of the Navy published works on economics, development of national merchant marine, fisheries, tidal plants in Patagonia and hydrographic surveys in the Argentine Sea. The National Institute for Fisheries Research and Development (INIDEP) acts as operator and owner of the vessel whose home port of Mar del Plata operations.
Instituto Nacional de Investigacion y Desarrollo Pesquero
Ship TypeFishery Research Vessel
Operating Area
Endurance21 days
Crusing Speed12 knots (14 knots maximum)
Lab SpaceFour laboratories (chemistry, oceanography, biology, aquarium) and two cabinets (computer and hydroacoustic) occupying a total of 56 m 2. All equipped with electricity 220 V, 50 Hz and also a circuit stabilized 220 V 50 Hz + 1%. In laboratories providing
Power Availability2600 bhp
Berthing Space12
Deck SpaceFree working deck area- 45 m²
Telemetry Available
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