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The Littorina has been used for all marine disciplines up to a water depth of 500 m. The vessel is specially equipped for training of research divers and has a compressor and equipment for 12 divers (Kiel University Research Diving Division). A special inflatable is used on diving missions. The name of the vessel reflects the close cooperation of marine biologists and geologists, as Littorina littorina was one of the most abundant mollusca in the earlier stage of development of the Baltic Sea 8500-2500 before present ("Littorina Sea"). The vessel is equipped with the latest navigational and communication gear, as GPS, Computers, Echo sounding systems, software for seafloor surveyingi, etc. The vessel is equipped with a special waste water disposal system to avoid pollution. Communications include mobile telephone and fax services and email (littorina@ifm-geomar.de).
Thomas J. Müeller
Leibniz-Institut fuer MeereswissenschAfteren IFM-GEOMAR Duesternbrooker Weg 20, D-24105 KIEL, Germany
+49 431 600 41 61
Ship TypeMarine Research Vessel
Operating AreaBaltic Sea, North Sea, English Channel and Norwegian Coast
Crusing Speed10 knots maximum
Lab Space
Power Availability
Berthing Space6 (12 on one-day trips)
Deck SpaceDry lab- 12 m²
Telemetry Available
29 Mar 2010 14:39