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Poseidon has a high stability and can operate even in bad weather with an effective stability system. The diesel electric main engine has three MWM generators, one of them was added After the science programmes were extended to the Atlantic Ocean. A special "Becker" rudder system and a bow thruster guarantees a high manoevring ability. Special emphasis was given to acoustic and thermal isolation. The vessel is equipped for interdisciplinary marine research and has a variety of special gear, as a core drilling jibboom, 7 winches, 2 cranes and a slewable 5 to.-A-frame at the stern and an efficient acoustic equipment with sediment sounders. The original nautical and communication installation was modernized. Now "Poseidon" has GPS, Inmarsat and e-mail services. Laboratory facilities include 5 labs for different purposes. Furthermore, "Poseidon" has a small hospital. Medical staff, however, is available only on special request. In the 80ies the winches of "Poseidon" and other gear was adopted for deep sea work. In recent years "Poseidon" cruises were almost exclusively restricted to the North Atlantic and in the Mediterranean.
Thomas J. Müeller
Leibniz-Institut fuer MeereswissenschAfteren IFM-GEOMAR Duesternbrooker Weg 20, D-24105 KIEL, Germany
+49 431 600 41 61
Ship TypeOceanography Fishery Research Vessel
Operating AreaBaltic, North-Sea, Atlantic Ocean
Endurance18 days
Crusing Speed8 knots (12.5 knots maximum)
Lab SpaceWet labs- 28.7 m², Dry lab- 57.9 m²
Power Availability2190 bhp each
Berthing Space11
Deck SpaceFree deck working area- 127.5 m²
Telemetry Available
29 Mar 2010 14:40