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Seward Johnson
Schedules can be found at http://gso.uri.edu/unols/schedules/johnson.html
R/V Seward Johnson, namesake of Harbor Branch Oceanographic founder, J. Seward Johnson, Sr., is a 204-foot oceanographic and submersible support research vessel. Built in 1984 and commissioned in 1985, it was extensively rebuilt and lengthened in 1994. The vessel is capable of traveling to, and working in, any of the world’s ice-free oceans while accommodating up to 40 people. R/V Seward Johnson is operated by experienced personnel expert in surface oceanographic procedures and submersible launch and recovery. All operations are supported by in-house ocean engineers. With 360 degree bow and stern thrusters, twin propellers and rudders, dynamic position and state-of-the-art precision navigation, this vessel has the ability to maneuver and position easily and efficiently to station-keep with the accuracy required by today’s undersea and surface oceanography research missions. Typical applications include HOV/ROV support, large towed systems support, deployment and retrieval of moored devices, surface oceanographic/hydrographic applications, and diving support. R/V Seward Johnson is a member of the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) fleet.
Mr. Peter Tatro
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution
(772) 465-2400
Ship TypeResearch vessel
Operating Area
Crusing Speed12 knots
Lab SpaceDry lab- 468 ft², Wet lab- 288 ft², Environmental lab- 85 ft², Mechanical maintenance- 272 ft², Electronics lab- 224 ft², Video and Computer lab- 136 ft², Data Acquisition and R.O.V. lab- 152 ft², Briefing Room- 192 ft²
Power Availability850 hp
Berthing Space40 air conditioned berths
Deck Space
Telemetry AvailableNetwork server computers with multiple remote terminals, Mission-required workstations at various points throughout ship, Ethernet LAN, Fiber-optic LAN, Video/coax inter-lab distribution
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