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Almirante Irizar
The research/supply icebreaker A.R.A. Almirante Irizar, ordered in 1975 by the Argentine Government, was delivered on December 15, 1978 by Wärtsilä´s Helnki Shipyard, Finland. The A.R.A. "Almirante Irizar" is of a completely new type, designed for supplying the Argentinean research stations on the Antarctic continent. A special requirement made of the icebreaker was that it should be capable of overwintering in the Antarctica with some 200 persons on board.
Adolfo J. Gil Villaneuva
Centro Argentino de Datos Oceanograficos
Montes de Ocs 2124 (1271) Argentina
Ship TypeIcebreaker
Operating AreaAntarctica
Endurance60 days
Crusing Speed14 knots (17.2 knots maximum)
Lab Space
Power Availability2975 kw each
Berthing Space
Deck Space
Telemetry Available
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