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This oceanographic research vessel designed to operate both as a carrier for the main business of the ship, both in competition with other agencies and institutions of national and international research. Astraea was carried out trying to emphasize, where possible, flexibility of use, both from the scientific point of view (it can carry and use virtually any means compatible with its size) is the geographic area in which it can operate (without restrictions throughout the Mediterranean away from the coast). In the construction and equipment, finally, was given the utmost care to minimize any environmental impact, the ship is in fact equipped with sewage treatment plant that serves all discharges, accommodations and facilities for low noise, hull shape and propeller chosen to minimize the waveform.
Luigi Manzueto
Via di Casalotti, 300 00166 Roma
+39 06 615701
Ship TypeOceanographic Research Vessel
Operating AreaMediterranean
Endurance2 Days
Crusing Speed20 knots (23 knots)
Lab SpaceWet labs- 11 m², Dry lab- 9 m²
Power Availability1470 kw
Berthing Space
Deck SpaceFree working deck area- 50 m²
Telemetry Available
22 Mar 2010 15:35