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Bank of Bermuda Atlantic Explorer
Schedules can be found at http://www.bios.edu/ship_operations/AE_2009_schedule.pdf
Requests for ship time may originate from scientists located at any university or institution. Ship costs for National Science Foundation ("NSF") supported research projects are provided by NSF directly to BIOS as part of the annual NSF fleet support grants. Investigators seeking support from agencies other than NSF should include ship costs in their budgets to those agencies. Partially funded researchers may apply for a grant-in-aid from BIOS towards some of their "in house" costs.
R/V Atlantic Explorer is owned and operated by the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, Inc. in compliance with U.S. Coast Guard, UNOLS and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) regulations as an uninspected oceanographic research vessel. The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, Inc. (BIOS) was originally established in Bermuda in 1903 as the Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Inc. and is a U.S. non-profit research and educational institution. BIOS's mission is threefold: to conduct research of the highest quality from the special perspective of a mid-ocean island, to educate future scientists, and to provide well-equipped facilities and responsive staff support for resident scientific staff, visiting scientists, faculty and students from all around the world. In support of BIOS's mission, the Atlantic Explorer is set up and operated as a general purpose oceanographic research vessel. Ready access from Bermuda to the deep ocean makes Atlantic Explorer ideal for short and extended cruises, for repetitive sampling and time series at the same station, and for all projects requiring analytical and other sophisticated shore facilities. Atlantic Explorer is equipped with navigational, laboratory and mechanical facilities to support biological, geological, chemical and physical oceanographic research. Deploying and recovering deep ocean instrumentation moorings, conducting CTD casts, chemical sampling, and gear testing are among the number of operations within the ship's capabilities. BIOS is a participating member of the University National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS).
Ronald H. Harelstad
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, Inc.
17 Biological Lane, Ferry Reach, St. George's GE 01, Bermuda
441-297-1880 ext 208
Ship TypeResearch vessel
Operating Area
Endurance28 days (4 hours hove to for science for every 6 hours underway)
Crusing Speed10 knots, Maximum 11 knots
Lab SpaceMain lab- 325 ft², After lab- 250 ft², Forward lab- 230 ft², CTD Garage- 190 ft², Radiation lab (portable)- 6’10’’ x 11’8’’ 75 ft²
Power Availability1880 shp
Berthing Space22
Deck SpaceMain deck- 1550 ft², 01 deck- 440 ft², 02 deck- 340 ft²
Telemetry Availableogged with NOAA SCS, user configurable System; workstations in labs and on bridge.
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