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Aurora Magnetica
Launched in October 2004, Aurora Magnetica is an ice strength prototype ship dedicated to Arctic observation. The three main strategic keys are its ability to be fully manoeuvrable in very shallow remote waters, its autonomy and its low running cost. Built for wintering autonomously, Aurora Magnetica has been designed as a simple and efficient year-long observation platform capable of resisting Arctic ice pressure if necessary. Conceived and run by passionate travellers, Aurora Magnetica's main goal is to be an environmentally friendly educational tool about the most remote places on our planet.
Pierre Sauvadet
Aurora Magnetica ltd
12 Victoria Street Alderney, GY9 3UF, G.B.
Ship Type
Operating AreaArctic Ocean
Crusing Speed7.3 knots (8.7 knots maximum)
Lab SpaceDry lab- 18 m²
Power Availability135.32 kw each
Berthing Space9
Deck SpaceFree working deck area- 9 m²
Telemetry Available
22 Mar 2010 15:35