IKONOS PRODUCT LEVELS AT-A-GLANCE Positional Accuracy Ortho Corrected Target Elevation Angle Mosaicks Available Stereo Option CE90 RMSE NMAS Geo Ortho Kit 1-meter and 4-meter 15-meter CE90 not including effects of terrain NMAS N/A Better than 15.0 meters* N/A N/A No 60-90° No No Applications: Visual and interpretive applications Reference 1-meter and 4-meter 25-meter CE90 NMAS 1:50,000 Better than 25.4 meters Better than 11.8 meters 1:50,000 Yes 60-90° Yes Yes Applications: Regional, large-area mapping and general GIS applications Pro 1-meter and 4-meter 10-meter CE90 NMAS 1:12,000 Better than 10.2 meters Better than 4.8 meters 1:12,000 Yes 66-90° Yes No Applications: Transportation, infrastructure and utilities planning and economic development Precision 1-meter and 4-meter 4-meter CE90 NMAS 1:4,800 Better than 4.1 meters Better than 1.9 meters 1:4,800 Yes 72-90° Yes Yes Applications: High positional accuracy for urban applications PrecisionPlus 1-meter 2-meter CE90 NMAS 1:2,400 Better than 2.0 meters Better than 0.9 meters 1:2,400 Yes 75-90° Yes No Applications: Detailed urban analysis, cadastral and infrastructure mapping Stereo Reference Stereo 1-meter and 4-meter 25-meter CE90 NMAS 1:50,000 Precision Stereo 1-meter and 4-meter NMAS 1:4,800
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Satellite Instruments
When GeoEye successfully launched the IKONOS® satellite in 1999, it made history with the world’s first one-meter commercial remote sensing satellite. Since then, GeoEye has set the standard for quickly delivering large volumes of tonally balanced, map accurate, mosaicked images for a variety of industries and applications. To date, IKONOS, derived from the Greek word for "image," has collected more than 275 million square kilometers of imagery that is readily available in our digital archive.
Val Webb
12076 Grant St Thornton, CO 80241
Measurment TypeVisible/IR-imager
Platform TypeIKONOS
OrbitSun synchronous
Spectral CoverageVis
Scan PatternPush broom
VariablesHigh resolution land surface mapping
Repeat Time
Wavelength to nm
Number of Bands
Start DateAug 1999
Temporal Coveragesatellite commanded as needed and requested
Swath Width
Resolution 11m
Resolution 210m
Resolution 34m
Resolution 44m
This is a commercial satellite and the data are available at cost.
17 Sep 2009 16:28