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Data are available via the SOHO archive
Solar Instruments
Externally and internally occulted telescope feeding a slit spectrograph
John Kohl
Spectral Range937-1126, 469-563, 1166-1272, 583-636 and 1145-1287 A
Spectral Resolution5287 at 1216 A, 6880 at 1032 A, 4066 at 610A,
Spatial Coverage and Resolutionabove solar limb from 1.5 to 10 R_sun
Temporal Resolutiontypically 120 sec exposure, but depends on line strength
Data AccuracyWavelengths accurate to about 0.1 A, radiometry to about 20%
Data Precision
Physical Observablesabsolute spectral radiance of spectral line profiles of imaged coronal structures
Derived Outputskinetic temperatures, radial outflow velocities, chemical abundances relative to hydrogen, and densities for protons, electrons and observed minor ions; visible polarized radiance
Concurrence Opportunities
Expected LifetimeDec 1995 to 2014
Location or OrbitL1
Capability SummaryData used to obtain empirical descriptions of coronal holes, streamers, polar jets, CMEs including associated current sheets and seed particle populations.
SchedulingObservations selected by the lead observer of the week who is selected by the PI.
Archival DataLevel 1 data available from the SOHO Archive and SAO along with data analysis software, calibration files and mission log. Level 2 calibrated data files expected to be available via the SOHO Archive by 1 January 2010.
Number of UsersApproximately 52 people have served as lead observer
Planned UpgradesThe radiometric calibration is tracked by comparing to an ensemble of stars.
Data Productsspectral data files, calibrated spectral data files, visible light data files, calibrated visible light data files, calibration files, data analysis software, mission log.
University FacilityNo
National Ground BasedNo
Virtual ArchiveNo
The Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer for the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, Kohl, J. L.; Esser, R.; Gardner, Larry D.; Habbal, S.; Daigneau, P. S.; Nystrom, George U.; Raymond, John C.; Strachan, Leonard; Van Ballegooijen, A. A.; Noci, G. et al; Solar Physics, 162, p. 313 356 (1995). Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of the Extended Solar Corona, Kohl, J. L.; Noci, G.; Cranmer, S. R.; and Raymond, J. C., A & A Rev, 13, 31 – 157 (2006).
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