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Naval Research Laboratory RC-12F
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Costs and Scheduling -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Costs VXS-1 operates as a Service Cost Center within the framework of the Navy Working Capital Fund (NWCF). Accordingly, costs must be recovered via user fees/stabilized billing rate charges to customers. Customers are charged based on a fixed billing rate per flight hour and for project-specific reimbursable costs. Fuel costs are not included in flight hour rates. Fuel will be charged at the current DoD fuel rate. Additionally, to minimize rates charged to customers, and per NWCF financial policies, projects canceled by customers after work has begun will be charged for all direct costs associated with planning, material issues, and associated overhead expenses. Scheduling Projects (including both airborne projects and installations) shall not be considered "scheduled" until the Military Support Division (Code 1400) has received an Authorization to Charge Research Division Job Order Number form from the customer. A project can be "penciled in" on the long-range timeline upon receipt of a Flight Service Request form in order to facilitate planning, but the project shall not be moved to the monthly schedules without an Authorization to Charge. Notification Project managers are advised that the Authorization to Charge Research Division Job Order Number form should be received no later than 90 days before start of installation. If the form is not received and another project with funding requests the aircraft, sponsors shall be notified, and advised that they are being replaced on the schedule. Rates Customer Billing Rates are published each fiscal year. View Current Rates Forms Authorization to Charge Research Division Job Order Number Flight Service Request
Airborne Platforms
Lower Radome to accommodate radar/electro optic projects Engines wired to support project specific generator Research Load center Provide Ckt breakered 115Vac for projects Isolate projects from basic A/C systems Floor rails to support up to three operator/equipment stations Removable seats, (can be utilized for transporting personnel/parts in support of projects)
CDR John J Coffey, USN
Naval Research Laboratory/VXS-1
4555 Overlook Ave SW, Code 1400 Washington DC 20375-5320
(202) 767-2273
Aircraft TypeRC-12
Endurance5 hrs
Airspeed Range180
Runway Requirements5000 ft
Max Takeoff Weight
Max Fuel Weight
Flight Crew2
Number of Seats3
Airworthiness CertificateIAW NAVAIR
Typical UsesRange Clearance / RADAR Testing
Data System
Special Field Support Needs
Research Power115 VAC / 400hz
Cabin Environment
Rack Space AvailableYes (approx 32 cubic ft)
Available InletsMission research load center with power receptacles for sensors
Available AperturesDropsonde capable
Available Hard Points
External PodsBelly RADAR pod
Standard InstrumentsWeather RADAR TCAS
Training RequirementsVaries
Communications1 UHF Radios 2 VHF Radios SATCOM
Available InstrumentsMX-12 MX-15 MX-20
Other Systems
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