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Airborne Raman ozone, temperature and aerosol lidar (AROTAL)
Operational With Laser Maintenance
The instrument is available for use on the DC-8 or other similar aircraft. It was built to maximize the vertical range of the instrument so the lasers are large and powerful. The instrument as it is currently configured is not be suitable for small aircraft.
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Airborne Measurements
This is a stratospheric lidar which is configured to fly on the NASA DC-8. It is a zenith viewing instrument, which makes vertical profile measurements of ozone, aerosols and temperature. Stratospheric ozone can be measured at solar zenith angles greater than ~30 degrees, while temperature and aerosols require SZA > 90 degrees. The SNR is maximized under dark coonditions. The measurement of Near-field water vapor measurements is being investigated and could be readily implemented. The instrument utilizes a XeCl excimer laser and a Nd-YAG laser to make DIAL, Raman DIAL, and backscatter measurements. A zenith viewing 16" telescope receives the lidar returns.
Thomas J. McGee
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Code 613.3 Building 33 Room E 312 8800 Greenbelt Road Greenbelt, MD 20771
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