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Available to all research organizations on request
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Large research aircraft with excellent range, duration, and payload capability.
Rick Shetter
UND National Suborbital Education and Research Center
NSERC 4149 Campus Clifford Hall Rm 300 University of North Dakota Grand Forks, ND 58202-9011
Aircraft TypeDC-8 72
Payload30,000 Lbs
Range5,400 Nautical miles
Ceiling41,000 ft
Endurance12 hours
Capabilityno lightning
Airspeed Range425-490 knots True Air Speed (cruise)
Runway Requirements7300 foot minimum with smaller payload and fuel load.
Max Takeoff Weight340,000 lbs
Max Fuel Weight160,000 lbs
Flight CrewPilot, Co-Pilot, Flight Engineer, Navigator
Number of Seats40
Airworthiness CertificateNASA airworthiness for Public Aircraft
Typical UsesAirborne research
Data SystemREVEAL data system with Fiber ring based network for touchscreen data display at investigator stations. IRIDIUM based data downlink/uplink.
Special Field Support NeedsHangar facility with office and lab space. GSE for power, cooling, high access.
Research Power42 kVA 115 V@60 Hz 50 kVA 115 V@400Hz
Cabin EnvironmentAux airconditioning system for cabin and cargo pits
Rack Space AvailableAt least 20 double bay racks with maximum of 54 inches of vertical space
Available InletsA large variety of Air and Aerosol Sampling Probes available
Available Apertures10-Experimenter window ports, Zenith and 2-large Nadir Viewports 4-upper and 2-lower 62 Degree Viewports with movable shields 10 modified experimenter window ports 40 standard window ports Optical windows of various sizes and materials with mounting flanges
Available Hard PointsExperimenter ports, Zenith and Nadir aperatures can support large loads for pods
External Pods4 Wing tip PMS canisters with power, ethernet and purge capabilities
Standard InstrumentsWeather radar, radar altimeter, Forward and Nadir Cameras and Digital Video Recording, IR surface temperature, Dew/Frost point 2 stage hydrometer, GPS based IRIG-B and NTP time code generators, high frequency position and attitude system
Training RequirementsMedical clearance and safety brief
CommunicationsIRIDIUM phones, multilink IRIDIUM satcom, 2 channel BGAN INMARSAT satcom
Available Instruments
Other Systems
User Support
The DC-8 has a long history since 1986 of performing scientific missions all around the globe.
17 Sep 2009 13:30