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UND Citation
Open availability. 150-200 hours per year typical but not limited. One to six months lead time typical, dependent on mission.
Contact Mike Poellot, University of North Dakota Department of Atmospheric Sciences.
Airborne Platforms
Cessna Citation II fanjet instrmented for tropospheric measurements of clouds, aerosol, gases and state of the atmosphere variables.
Prof. Michael Poellot
University of North Dakota
Clifford Hall Room 400 4149 University Ave., Stop 9006 Grand Forks, ND 58202-9006
Dr. David Delene
University of North Dakota
4149 University Ave., Stop 9006, Grand Forks, ND 58202-9006
Aircraft TypeCessna Citation II
Payload1528 - 2528 lbs., dependent on fuel load
Endurance3-5 hours
CapabilitySpeeds limited to IAS max 225 knots, Vmo .605. Storm penetrations limited to 45 dBz radar reflectivity.
Airspeed Range150 - 225 (IAS)
Runway RequirementsPaved, 5000 feet (density altitude dependent)
Max Takeoff Weight14,500
Max Fuel Weight5000
Flight Crew2
Number of Seats3
Airworthiness CertificatePart 91, Restricted Category
Typical UsesCloud physics, aerosol, electric field, trace gas sampling, turbulence/winds
Data SystemScience Engineering Associates (SEA) M300 http://www.scieng.com/produtcs/m300.htmVariable acquisition rates to 200 Hz. Serial, analog, ethernet ports; synchronous and asynchronous data.Real-time display and control.
Special Field Support NeedsHangar, ground power
Research PowerBelow 35,000': 7300WAt or above 35,000': 5400W4 KW 110VAC 60Hz80A 28VDC Instrument anti-icing40A 28VDC Instrument power
Cabin EnvironmentPressurized
Rack Space AvailableApproximately 130
Available Inlets1 anti-iced gas inlet. Ports available for mounting additional inlets and exhaust.
Available Apertures6 ports for electric field mills (6 discreet pointing angles)5 reinforced fuselage locations for additional instruments: 4 mid-fuselage (belly, 2 side, 1 top), 1 rear top. One of these ports is available for use with the NCAR dropsonde system. The two top ports (plus one additional smaller top port) can be used for gas sampling. Two side-looking window inserts are also availalbe.
Available Hard PointsThe above fuselage ports can be used as hard points.
External PodsTwo wing tip pylons, each with 2 PMS-type cannisters.
Standard InstrumentsRosemount total temperature, static pressure, pitot pressure, flow angle probe, icing detector; Edgetech dew point; King liquid water probe; DMT Cloud Droplet Probe; AirDat TAMDAR probe
Training Requirementsnone
CommunicationsVHF (+ UHF capable)
Available InstrumentsMaycomm laser hygrometerPMS 2DCSPEC CPISPEC HVPSTSI CNC
Other Systems
User SupportLaboratory space, data acquisition, data processing.
FAA Certification complete - ready for deployments.
24 May 2016 08:03