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GOES Imager
Operating On 2 (east And West) Geostationary Satellite
Available through NOAA's CLASS system. http://www.magazine.noaa.gov/stories/mag182.htm
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The GOES Imager is a multi-channel instrument designed to sense radiant and solar-reflected energy from sampled areas of the Earth. The multi-element spectral channels simultaneously sweep east-west and west-east along a north-to-south path by means of a two-axis mirror scan system. The instrument can produce full-Earth disc images, sector images containing the edges of the Earth, and various sizes of area scans completely enclosed within the Earth scene using a new flexible scan system. A five-channel monitoring system makes it possible to produce a wide variety of image products from imager data.
Measurment TypeVisible/IR-imager
Platform TypeGOES Imager
Spectral CoverageVis/IR
Scan PatternGeostationary
VariablesSST, clouds, cloud motion, LST, ice (land and sea)
Altitude36,000 km
Repeat TimeGEO
Wavelength0.52-0.72 to 12.9-13.8um
Number of Bands6
Start DateApr 1994
Temporal Coveragehourly full disk, shorter rapid scan
Swath Widthfull disk
Resolution 11km
Resolution 24km
Resolution 34km
Resolution 48km
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