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From 2007, Infoterra GmbH will provide earth observation radar data of a new quality with up to 1 m resolution. Our private and public customers will be served through Infoterra GmbH's Global Sales Partner Network or can receive data through own Stations in the frame of our Direct Access Service.
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Synthetic Aperture Radar (German DLR) TerraSAR-X is a new German radar satellite that has been launched on June 15, 2007. The scheduled lifetime is 5 years. It carries a high frequency X-band SAR sensor that can be operated in different modes (resolutions) and polarization. TerraSAR-X will offer features that were not available from space before. The mission's objectives are the provision of high-quality, multi-mode X-band SAR-data for scientific research and applications as well as the establishment of a commercial EO-market and to develop a sustainable EO-service business, based on TerraSAR-X derived information products. The satellite design is based on technology and knowledge achieved from the successful Synthetic Aperture Radar missions X-SAR/SIR-C and SRTM. The sensor operating in X-Band operates in different operation modes: the "Spotlight" mode with 10 x 10 km scenes at a resolution of 1-2 meters, the "Stripmap"mode with 30 km wide strips at a resolution between 3 and 6 meters, the "ScanSAR" mode with 100 km wide strips at a resolution of 16 meters.
Achim Roth
PO Box 11 16 82230 Wessling
Measurment TypeMicrowave-radar-SAR
Platform Typepolar orbiter (interferometer)
OrbitSun synchronous
Spectral Coverage
Scan PatternPush broom
Repeat Time
Wavelength to nm
Number of Bands
Temporal Coverage
Swath Width
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