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SP2, Droplet Measurement Technologies
Currently available for purchase from the manufacturer or through collaborations with institutes that currently have one.
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The single particle soot photometer (SP2) measures the size, mass and mixing state of individual black carbon particles with equivalent mass diameters from 80 nm to 650 nm.
Darrel Baumgardner
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Ciudad Universitaria Circuito Exterior Mexico City, DF MEXICO 04150
ManufacturerDroplet Measurement Technologies
Dimensions19' rack mount unit, 15" high, 26" deep
Weight50kg w/ pump and data system
Power Source Type110 VAC, 400W w/ pump
Inlet AperturesAttaches to aircraft external inlet
Heating/Cooling RequirementsNone
Airspeed/Altitude RequirementsNone
Operators Required1 or none
Ground RequirementsNone
Suitable PlatformsC-130, HAIPER, ship, ground
Data SystemRack mountable PC
Measured ParameterSingle Particle Black Carbon mass
Measurement TechniqueIncandescence
Operational ModeContinuous
Time ResolutionParticle by Particle
Horizontal ResolutionParticle by Particle
Other Resolution
Calibration Method
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