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Lidar Atmospheric Sensing Experiment (LASE)
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LASE is a differential absorption lidar (DIAL) system that is suitable for profiling water vapor distribution in the troposphere. It has participated in field experiments over the past year 12 years @ 1 per year. Been used in boundary layer development; convection, storm, and hurricane development; stratosphere-troposphere exchange, atmospheric chemistry, and anthropogenic pollution studies and for comparison with water vapor measurements with other in situ and remote sensors.
Syed Ismail
NASA Langley Research Center
MS 401A NASA Langley Research center Hampton VA 23861
Richard Ferrare
NASA Langley Research Center
MS 401A NASA Langley Research Center Hampton VA 23681
r.ferrare @larc.nasa.gov
ManufacturerNASA Langley Research Center
Weight1650 lb
Power Source Type60 Hz/400 Hz, 5 KW total power.
Inlet Apertures16" nadir and zenith windows
Heating/Cooling Requirements1 KW
Airspeed/Altitude Requirements
Operators Required2
Ground Requirements
Suitable PlatformsNASA DC-8 and P-3
Data SystemDigital Alpha Station 600 based sytem with dual monitors, real-time data analysis and display. 50 GB disk space and tape drive.
Measured Parameterwater vapor mixing ratio, aerosl backsctterand scattering ration, aerosl and cloud extinction, relative humidity (using sonde T profiles), boundary layer height, cloud top height,
Measurement TechniqueDIAL
Operational Modenadir and zenith
Time Resolution1 min (water vapor), 1 s aerosol/cloud
Horizontal Resolution10-20 km (water vapor), 100 m aerosol and cloud
Other ResolutionVertical: 0.2-0.5 km (water vapor), 30 m aerosol
RangeAltitude: 0-12 km (water vapor), 0-25 km aerosol and cloud
Calibration Methodself--using previously measured absorption cross-section
LimitationsCloud attenuation
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