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The Facilities for Atmospheric and Earth Science Research (FAESR) is a fast-growing database with nearly 1,200 records and over 600 subscribers.

We invite you to browse through instruments available for your research, or subscribe to submit your instrument if you'd like to raise awareness of it in the research community. Since the database is populated by your colleagues in the national and international community you can expand your research options and find partners and collaborators.

Final Report of the NSF Facilities Workshop

Charge for the NSF Atmospheric Science Facilities Committee

  • Eight different instrument categories
  • Search for facilities or capabilities
  • See what new instruments are on the horizon, or what new capabilities are being requested
  • Find new collaborators for your research
  • Great resource for undergraduate or graduate coursework!
Find out more about:
  • Facility Location
  • Research Applications
  • Technical Specifications
  • Deployment Availability
  • Deployment Options

And, if you subscribe to FAESR (it's free!) you will additionally have access to the request procedures as well as contact information for all facilities. We will also send you quarterly updates on the latest instruments.

Subscribe now by creating a FAESR Account.